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Surviving a Winter Storm

I woke up Tuesday morning and was sure the Apocalypse had arrived. The world was over as we knew it. Mother nature had been so kind to us this winter, and here in Western NY, most of us don’t complain when the winter is nice. In fact, I think we try to avoid talking about it because we don’t want to jinx ourselves. We’ve had like, no snow. We had a green Christmas again, and it has been above freezing most of the winter, with a few days that were brutally cold. NBD.

Mother nature had had enough. Maybe we weren’t being appreciative enough. The forecasters called for a foot of snow in this storm we were supposed to get, but it could also be rain, so who really knows.


“Whatever,” I thought to myself, “they never get it right around here anyway.”

And BAMN! This happened:

Dude. Where’s my car?

Snow in these parts, not an issue. 18 or more inches in one day: ISSUES.

So, how does one survive a snow storm like this, you ask? Let me guide you.

Sweating Through Life’s Guide to Surviving Snowmageddon:

1) Wake up to 6 inches of snow and immediately decide travel is out of the question. These forecasters must have been right. Contact boss right away and share your extreme anxiety about driving in the snow.


2) Spend the next 5 hours of your day watching storm coverage in your pajamas and eating candy/cookies/etc. by 10am.

3) Confirm that work is never worth trudging through a snow storm.

For the first time in my life, our major highway was SHUT DOWN because there were too many tractor-trailers and cars stuck on the road. Trust me, I counted my blessings because people were stuck for over 4 hours on the highway…just trying to get to work. My bladder is not big enough for that.

4) Consider braving the storm to go to the gym. Then remember this:


and eat more candy.

5) Do something productive around the house like find out the latest DNA results on Maury and chat with your friends about how bad the storm is. For hours.

6) After looking outside at least 100 times to see if the snow let up, decide it is a good time to go shovel your buried ass out so that you can get to work tomorrow, which will ultimately be just as shitty.

7) Break shovel while digging out and curse mother nature once again. Then use said broken shovel to the best of its ability, otherwise you aren’t going anywhere.

8) Wonder aloud as the snow plows are driving by, why someone has not yet created a better way to dig out cars. You know, one that takes less work.

9) After digging out, go back inside and feel good that you got a serious arm, back, and cardio work out in. Feel less guilty that you ate candy instead of going to the gym. Eat candy to celebrate.

10) Get pissed because you realize the roads are going to be horrendous the next day and convince yourself that there are reasons why you love living in Western NY so much.

…..And prepare for another storm in about one week.


How has the weather been in your neighborhoods?

Anyone else experience a ton of snow in one day like this before? – It’s not incredibly rare here, but when it happens, it creates chaos.

My Recent Life in a Nutshell

It’s currently -11 outside with a windchill of who the hell knows because I’m not going out there. I’ll stay cozy inside with my coffee, thanks.

Hi everyone!!! I’m just going to ignore the fact that I haven’t been consistent with this blog in over two months. I could explain all the different reasons why, but what’s the point? Instead, how about I give you the shortened version of what I’ve been up to the last few months.


Over the holidays I took on the holiday run streak sponsored by Runners World, and if you remember, I got to day 24 of 37 when I got my ass kicked by what I assume was the flu (in case you forgot). I haven’t started another run streak, but I have been running, relatively consistently. In January, I ran the Winter Warrior Half Marathon, which was a 3 mile(ish) looped course at a local business park. Overall, the race was pretty neat. It was at night, and since we haven’t really had a winter until these past few days, the weather was great. So, what better night to PR. I finished in 2:16:33, which was close to 6 MINUTES faster than my previous half marathon PR!

Somewhere over the course of the past few months, I decided I liked running so much that I even signed up for the Four Seasons Challenge…a half marathon in each season. I’d like to say I’ve done the hardest season, winter, but summer is going to be the real challenge. Truth is, I love medals (don’t we all). I’ll get 4 race medals, an additional smaller finishers medal at each race that links together to form one larger medal, and of course race swag from each event. Why not do this??

I’ve been hitting up the gym quite often, with spurts of laziness in between…but that’s kinda my thing. And it works for me. No streaking for me. Yesterday, I even forced an 8 miles out on the treadmill!

And I got this for Christmas:


Wedding Planning:

One of the other major happenings in my life is all the wedding planning that has been happening.  At this point, we have a lot of the big stuff taken care of. Our recent feat was accommodations and transportation. Check! Yesterday we had a cake consultation and got 6 free samples to try. So far 2 out of 6 are a no go. We’ll keep tasting!! There has been some DIYing going on, that has made me wonder why I think it is a good idea to DIY…



I found this on pinterest of course (DIY)….it’s not terribly hard to do, it just takes a lot of time. And two people is best. Also, make sure you know how to draw a heart….

My dad even crafted:


House Hunting:

The last thing we have been keeping ourselves busy with, is house hunting. We are officially on the market for a house:) We’ve connected with a realtor and have checked out a few houses that needed a ton of work. No thanks. We are hoping that by the end of the summer…right before the wedding, we will be in our first home. There already have been a lot of emotions in this process…and I’m sure more to come. House hunting is harder than wedding planning!!

This has been my life….in less than 600 words…for the past few months. Writing this has reminded me how much I enjoyed blogging, and I hope to be able to get on a regular schedule again, but I’m not promising, because I’ve said it before.


All Good Things…

…must come to an end…

I had been doing so well with the Runners World Holiday Run Streak, but unfortunately, it had to come to an end.

I was on a roll again this week:
Monday: 3.20 miles
Tuesday: 4.10 miles
Wednesday: 3.20 miles
Thursday: 1.03 miles
Friday: 3.20 miles
Saturday: 3.10 miles

Thursday was the only difficult day last week and that was because I forced myself to run after our work holiday lunch. It was so delicious, but I also did not have a lot of time to digest. Running was hard, so I settled for a mile.

Saturday, I went for a short run before my dad’s side of the family Christmas party. This, as always, was a great time and it always makes me reflect on how great it is to have family. We ate a lot, talked a lot, played some games, opened some gifts, and just enjoyed each other.

Sunday, I had to pick up my wedding dress (YAY!!), so the plan was go for a quick run, get the dress and go shopping. But I woke up feeling like crap. Great, I have a cold. I forced myself out for a 1 mile run to keep the streak going, and then got my dress. Which is still just as pretty as I remember it and I cannot wait to wear it again! By the time I got home, I felt even worse….no shopping for me.

The evening came and went, and I woke up the next morning feeling even worse. I called into work and made a sick bed on the couch. Derek finished up his shopping and I decided to attempt a run. Just 1 mile is all I had to do to keep it going. 1 mile! I got changed, and became winded, so I sat back down on the couch feeling defeated. Changing my clothes took all of the energy I had left. I just couldn’t get out the door. Run streak….over.

Today, as I sit here, still in my sick bed and not at work, still not able to run, I have reflected back on the last 24 days that I ran and feel pretty great about it. Of course I wish that I could have finished it, but the running Gods clearly had something different in mind for me. This is the most I’ve ever run consecutively before and other than this illness, this is the best I’ve ever felt. Will I start a new run streak? Probably not, but I do have some goals I want to keep. I would like to stay in the routine of going to the gym/running at least 6 out of 7 days. I know this is something I can do, once I’m back on my feet.

I’ll tackle this challenge again next year though, that is for sure.

I’m linking up with HoHo Runs and MissSippiPiddlin for the Weekly Wrap, again this week.

Hope everyone has a great holiday and stays healthy!!

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